What We Do

The people behind Future Matters are organizers

Future Matters blends old-fashioned person-to-person organizing with the digital tools of modern politics, working community-by-community to engage, educate, and empower people at a local level.

We bring communities together and we ask the right questions. How do we get where we all want to be on health, opportunity, and civility? What is the role of government, and what is the role of community?

Future Forums are more than town halls. They inspire everyday people to frame problems, identify solutions, and take action. They are virtual when necessary and in person when possible. Each features a community, defined geographically or by area of concern.

Town halls are recorded and become part of a statewide Future Matters story, told on this website and Future Matters’ social media pages. Paired with policy research, media content like op-eds and podcast interviews, and visual assets like infographics, these pieces of content will become a resource library for future-oriented advocates to draw from and deploy in their work. Just as important, people who attend town halls, engage with Future Matters online, and volunteer in our work become an educated, empowered network that can be deployed in support of important causes that improve the quality of life for our entire community.