They divide us to hold onto power. We just want a better future.

When everyday people from diverse backgrounds set aside the conflicts fed to us by those in power, and focus together on our visions for the future, we always find common ground. Future Matters is a bold Maryland initiative to do just that, led by people in the heart of the state who have proven it can work.

Future Matters blends old-fashioned person-to-person organizing with the digital tools of modern politics, working one community at a time to engage, educate, and empower people at a local level. Take a moment to read more about what we do and who we are, then sign up to get involved.


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Tonight at 8:00pm, join Future Matters for Education Matters: A Future With Opportunity for All! Register any time at to join the conversation via Zoom. FB Live will also be available.
Did you miss last week's Future Forum? Want to watch it again? Democracy Matters: The Future of Our Elections is now available on YouTube, both the full recording and a condensed version. Full Forum: Condensed:
Thank you to @RepSarbanes, @Joanne_Antoine of @CommonCauseMD, and @ElizabethHira of @BrennanCenter for joining tonight's forum. #DemocracyMatters
Get involved! @CommonCauseMD
“This bill is not doing anything radical; it's saying everyone has the right to vote.” - @ElizabethHira of @BrennanCenter #ForThePeopleAct #DemocracyMatters
“We have to get this done to cement the legacy of people like John Lewis.” - @RepSarbanes #DemocracyMatters
Thank you, @RepSarbanes, for your commitment to strengthening our democracy. #ForThePeopleAct #DemocracyMatters
#ForThePeopleAct will not only end voter discrimination but will also improve access to the ballot box. #DemocracyMatters
47 states are moving over 360 bills to restrict the right to vote. #DemocracyMatters
“This is the most important forum we’ll ever do or have ever done.” - @Steuart_Pittman #DemocracyMatters
LIVE on Facebook! Join us now for a discussion on how we can combat voter suppression in our elections. #DemocracyMatters
RT @ElizabethHira: Tmrw 8PM ET: Learn LIVE how YOU can fight this ugly, cowardly wave of voter suppression with the #ForThePeopleAct (#HR1/…
Big win for Maryland! Congratulations to @PaulPinsky, @JessicaFeldmark and all those who worked on and supported this bill.
This Thursday! Americans are responding to attacks on voting rights and our democratic institutions with reforms at all levels of government. Register: When you register, submit your question or comment to help shape the discussion.
RT @RepAnthonyBrown: Maryland can be a model for democratic participation #HB655 is key civil rights legislation that that will empower co…
Register today---> After 2020's record turnout, there's a coordinated effort underway to make it more difficult to vote. Join us on April 15 to learn how the voting rights community is responding.
Right now, voting rights are under attack Our next Future Forum will look at efforts to decrease voter turnout after the 2020 election, and the response from democracy reform advocates Register: W/ guests @RepSarbanes @ElizabethHira @Joanne_Antoine
Right now, voting rights are under attack. Our next Future Forum will look at efforts to decrease voter turnout after the 2020 election, and the response from democracy reform advocates. Register--->

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